Creating, Forming

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Here is a thought:

"Creativity is going beyond the imagination because it requires you to actually do something, not just think about it." – Sir Ken Robinson

Creating is the ability to get out of your own comfort zone and get carried away by the music.

Angelika Galara


To form means to find a concept to an object or process. It is a conscious, active process that can be both improvised and fixed. Forming is a creative process that defies arbitrariness.

In the artistic practice of music and movement, we create within the parameters of time, space, force and form, using different forms of relation between music and movement. In this process, decisions have to be made so that form and development become recognizable. This process draws on personal experience and the technical possibilities in music and movement, as well as creativity. The aim is to find a form for an idea to express through music and movement, whether spontaneously in improvisation or predetermined and elaborated. The idea can be, for example, a technical theme, it can be style-bound, it can deal with a social or personal issue – it needs an idea that is comprehensible in some way, but can also allow some freedom. A design has a framework, arcs of tension, usually a clear beginning and an end. Giving form in music and movement means that my consciously chosen actions always move within a certain context.

Felicia Geber

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