Video: Movement Composition

The word comes from Latin and is derived from "proicere = to throw forth, to make prominent (spatially), to throw down". I find definitions from mathematics, computer science, optics, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and cartography.

Verbs that are related are: map, relocate, pass on and infer.

Prepositions that occur more frequently in this context are: from and to.

Something comes from something and is projected onto something. It involves a spatial component and a movement. There is no projection without a movement or something moving. There is no projection without spatial planes within which the projection can take place.

I like the idea of imagining us movers/actors as walking projectors, always projecting the movements of the inside onto the space of the outside. Or the movements of the outside onto the space of the inside. Thereby we are always points of concentration (projectors), as well as the projection surface.

There must be an extremely colorful picture when we move together.

Karolina Runge

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