KMH guidelines regarding Covid‑19

The following guidelines applies from January 10th 2022 up to and including February 11th 2022.


Practical teaching

Practical teaching is preferably carried out on site. If there is any risk to the health of those involved it is possible, after consultation with the head of the academy, to carry out such teaching digitally or at a later time.

The room bookings for the practical teaching remain and no capacity restrictions are introduced at present.

Theoretical teaching

All theoretical elements, both in seminar form and lectures, should be carried out digitally.


All planned concerts that are part of a course will have to be performed without an audience and streamed. Concert events that are not part of a course will each be up for consideration to whether they are to be held at a later time.

Please contact for more information.

Work from home

Employees who can, depending on their work tasks, should work from home. All meetings should take place digitally.

Take responsibility for preventing the spread of infection

Everyone has a personal responsibility to prevent the spread of infection. You must think about how you can avoid getting infected, how you must keep your distance and how you can avoid infecting others. Show consideration, especially to people who belong to at-risk groups.

Remember to wash your hands often and thoroughly. Please use the hand sanitizer that is placed in different places on campus.

The COVID-19 vaccination offers strong protection against serious illness.

Stay home if you have symptoms

Pay attention to symptoms. If you develop symptoms you should stay at home and avoid seeing others.

Information about Covid-19 at the Public Health Agency of Sweden External link.

Infected or close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19

If you have become infected, you must abide by the restrictions and guidelines given by the health care services. If you have been on campus, you as a student must also contact your teacher/Director of Studies and you as an employee must contact your manager. This is so that KMH can anonymously notify all persons who may have been exposed to infection.

Safety equipment and instruments

With classes on campus, special measures must be taken – Remember to keep distance. We also encourage the use of protective equipment such as plexiglass screens and paper mats for condensation, as well as face masks when it is difficult to keep distance. Read the checklist for lessons / activities on campus External link..

Plexiglass screens

Plexiglass screens will continue to be available as needed. Requests for mobile plexiglass screens can be specified when you book a room in TimeEdit, or can be ordered through Helpdesk.

Condensation from brass instruments

Condensation from brass instruments is a risk factor. Dry up on paper, cloth or a protection mat and take it with you as you leave the room.

When you have finished using your instrument, apply hand sanitizer to your hands as they may have been in contact with the condensation.

Instrument Care

Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own instruments as well as the instruments that are placed in cabinets and provided by KMH.

Note that it is important not to use hand sanitizer on piano keys and other instruments.

Information and questions

We continue to monitor the authorities' guidelines and will continuously update information. New information will be sent via email, and updates are made here at Backstage.

If you have any other questions, email