KMH guidelines regarding Covid‑19

Because of the ongoing pandemic all education will be adapted so it can take place in a safe way.

Restrictions until 20 August

Education and examination digitally

  • Theoretical teaching and teaching that can take place online should take place online.
  • Teaching, examinations and rehearsals that must take place on campus, may include a maximum of eight participants. As of March 10, all participants are included, e.g., students, teacher(s) and technical staff. In order to hold an activity on campus, it needs to be strongly motivated e.g., the quality of the activity is significantly degraded or that certain special equipment is required.
  • If a class or activity is to take place on site with more than eight participants, a risk assessment must be made by the responsible Head of Academy in consultation with the responsible teacher and safety representative.
  • The teacher in charge is obliged to ensure that special measures are followed in all lessons or activities that involve several people meeting physically.

Checklist for lesson or activity on campus

Safety during activities

During classes, examiner, rehearsals or other activities, all participants must be placed at a distance of two meters. If distance is not possible or if the activity involves risky moments (e.g., singing and wind instruments), special measures must be taken, such as using vizors, plexiglass screens and fabric mask.


Only concerts that are part of the course are allowed. A maximum of eight participants may be in the room, students, teacher(s) and technical staff included.

No audience is allowed. No concerts planned for the spring of 2021 will have the opportunity to be performed with an audience at a later time. If the student want’s, and there is consent from all participants, the exam concert can be broadcast live.

Risk assessment

The responsible Head of Academy makes risk assessments of all activities on site with more than eight people. The risk assessment is made in consultation with the responsible teacher and safety representative.

If the activity is assessed to medium, high or very high risk, an Action Plan must be made by the Head of Academy and the and safety representative. The Action Plan must contain a list of potential risks, a plan for how and when the risk should be managed and a plan for risk management evaluation.

On Campus

  • Everyone who can work from home should do so.
  • Restaurant Oktav is open only to students and staff. This means that the foyer and the restaurant area can be used for study places, unpacking etc.
  • Campus entrances are only open to those with key cards.
  • Security hosts will continue to remind you to keep your distance.
  • The campus is open for individual practice. Please, do not go to campus unnecessarily.
  • In all situations ongoing for more than 15 minutes where social distancing cannot be maintained, a mask must be used.
  • External rentals may take place if they are carried out in such a way that they do not interfere with the use of the premises for teaching.

Opening hours summer of 2021

Both campuses will be open with limited opening hours during the summer of 2021.

Opening hours

General guidelines

The Public Health Agency's guidelines on social distancing still apply. This means that we are all responsible for keeping a distance of at least two meters when it is possible.

Stay home if you are sick. If you have the slightest symptoms, do not come to KMH. This applies even if you just have “a minor cold”.

Remember to wash your hands often and thoroughly. Please use the hand sanitizer that is placed in different places on campus.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s regulations and general guidelinesexternal link

Employee, student or relative in at-risk group

Employees should inform their closest manager for adequate adjustments. Students should contact their director of studies, to suit the education according to needs.

Infected or close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19

Close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19

Everyone who has been in close contact with an infected person 48 hours before the person developed symptoms, you should be tested for covid-19, even if they are symptom-free. The testing should take place on the first day and a new test should be done on day five.

Close contact means that you have been within 2 meters of someone for more than 15 minutes, either as a one-off contact, or added up together over one day.

Persons who do not have symptoms and have not yet received their test results should, as far as possible, work from home.

Member of household with confirmed covid-19 infection

The new recommendations from the Public Health Agency state that infected person's household members also need to follow certain restrictions which are to be determined by a doctor.

Protect yourself and others from spread of infectionexternal link

If you have confirmed Covid-19

If you have become infected, you must abide by the restrictions and guidelines given by the health care services. If you have been on campus, you as a student must also contact your teacher/Director of Studies and you as an employee must contact your manager. This is so that KMH can anonymously notify all persons who may have been exposed to infection.

Possible spread of infection at KMH

If there is a confirmed spread of infection at KMH, the corona group will meet and take measures accordingly. Further measures will be taken, due to the extent of the spreading.

The person who has been infected should abide by the restrictions and guidelines given to them by the health care services.

Campus hours, tuition hours

Please note that from this week it is possible to book rooms as early as 7.00, to make it is possible to avoid the worst rush hour traffic in the morning.

  • Valhallavägen
    Monday to Friday 7.00 - 23.00
    Weekends 9.15-22.00
  • Edsberg
    Monday to Friday 7.00 - 23.00
    Weekends 8.00-23.00
  • Support Services (Internservice) opening hours from 31 August
    Mon-Fri 7.00-15.00, closed for lunch 12-13, weekends 10.00-17.00, closed for lunch 12-13.

Library, digital resources

Library hours 

We remind you about the digital resources available via the library pages.

Changed tuition hours

During the academic year 2020/2021, classes can be planned to take place before 8.45, after 18.00. and during lunch hours 12.15-13.30, providing students and teachers agree.

KMH as a government authority

KMH will be open to the public via

Contact information


For specific questions regarding teaching at your particular department or academy, contact the respective director of studies or course coordinator. For general questions, you can contact the Head of the Academy.

Department contacts

College Administration

The administration's employees work combined on site and remotely, but it is recommended to continue working from home if it is possible.

You can always reach all administration offices by phone or these e-mail addresses:

Skriv tabellbeskrivning här
Management Support and Finance
Human Resources
Production Office

External Relations
Student Affairs Office
Education and Research

Food, Restaurant Oktav

Oktav is open again at campus Valhallavägen with limited opening hours 8.00-15.00, Monday-Friday. There will not be as many seats as usual and the public will be directed to the entrance at the restaurant.

It will be possible to pre-order food from Restaurant Oktav and collect it in the Erling-Persson atrium. More info to come.

Microwave ovens

Remember to avoid crowds around the microwave ovens. Take a short walk while you wait for the food to heat up and try to spread out the lunchtimes.

Information and questions

The situation may change rapidly and new assessments will be made. We continue to monitor news reports, relevant research and the authorities' guidelines and will continuously update information. New information will be sent via email, and updates are made here at Backstage.

If you have any other questions, email

IT support

Reached via helpdesk where it is also possible to book an appointment for help on site on Valhallavägen on Mondays and Wednesdays.

helpdesk.kmh.seexternal link

Loans and care of instruments

Loans from the Support service desk will be limited only to equipment necessary for educational purposes.

Instrument Care

Everyone is responsible for cleaning their own instruments as well as the instruments that are placed in cabinets and provided by KMH.

Do not share an instrument or microphone with anyone else and make sure your hands are clean before touching any instrument.

Note that it is important not to use hand sanitizer on piano keys and other instruments.

Premises – booking, elevators, ventilation, etc.

To ensure that it is possible to keep a two-meter distance in all premises, classrooms and group rooms have been measured and new regulations have been set regarding how many people that may be present in each room at the same time.

Room booking

Make sure you have booked your practice room before you go to campus. The rooms at campus Edsberg are now also booked through TimeEdit.

List of accepted number of persons per room

Furniture and public areas

Classrooms and public areas are furnished to avoid congestion. There are floor markings and posters that remind us to keep our distance.

Remember to use the balconies and stairs between the different floors, instead of always going through the foyer.


The main entrance from Valhallavägen will only be open for students and staff with entrance pass. The temporary access for employees via Melodislingan is no longer valid.

Changing rooms and staff gym

The recommendation from the Public Health Agency of Sweden is to avoid public changing rooms. At KMH, the changing rooms and staff gym are open. If you need to use them please show extra consideration to keep distance and avoid crowds.


The elevators may only be used by two people at a time. Please use the stairs, but make sure to meet others with respect and be sure to leave space for each other.


The air circulation in the rooms on Campus Valhallavägen is demand-controlled. When people are present, the flow increases from minimum to basic flow.

The temperature and air turnover are controlled via temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide sensors depending on the room and activity. The basic flow is set to an air supply of 10 liters per second and person, which means an average of about three air changes in the rooms per hour.

All supply air comes from outside and no air is reused, providing a safe environment.

At Edsberg, it is important to open the windows to ventilate at regular intervals.


We have extra measures in our premises regarding cleaning.

  • Handles and buttons in public areas are disinfected in the morning and at 12 and 14 o'clock.
  • Piano keys are wiped at least once a day in the morning.
  • Toilets in public areas are cleaned three times a day - morning, lunch, afternoon.
  • Toilets by offices are cleaned once a day in the morning.
  • We wipe the floors extra carefully where wind musicians have practiced.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in different places on campus.

For cleaning matters, use helpdesk.kmh.seexternal link

Safety equipment

Face masks

In all situations ongoing for more than 15 minutes where social distancing cannot be maintained, a mask must be used. Social distancing is the most important, but when physical distancing is hard to follow (i.e. teaching singing, wind instruments and rhytmics) a mask should be used as a complement.

KMH will provide fabric masks, security class FFP2, for teachers who want to use them in exposed teaching situations. when physical distancing is hard to follow (i.e. teaching singing, wind instruments and rhytmics)

Masks are available on campus Valhallavägen and Edsberg for both students and employees. On campus Valhallavägen masks are located in the copy rooms 1C401 and 4420 as well as in the foyer at the hand sanitizer station at the round counter. Masks with safety class FFP2 are available for purchase in NotoBok.

For the mask to function properly, it must be used according to special routines.

WHO advice about masksexternal link

Bins for used masks

Special closed bins will be provided and marked. Used masks should be put in a closed bag and then put in the bin, which contains a light-blue bag for hazardous waste.

Please note that it is still important to follow current guidelines of a 2-metre distance, room capacity limitations etc. These regulations also applies to persons wearing masks and those having proven antibodies.


KMH will provide vizors to teachers who want to use them in singing class. Contact Support Services.


KMH has required a large number of windshields to be used on microphones. Borrow from Support Services.


To travel to KMH, try to avoid public transport if you can. Otherwise, try not to travel during rush-hour. KMH opens at 7 a.m. which makes it possible to commute outside of rush-hours.

At present, KMH advises against unnecessary business trips / study trips and this also applies to Erasmus exchanges for staff. The haed of deparment makes the decisions.

Wind instruments and choir singing

Singing and wind instruments require extra precautions and there will be plexiglass screens available for this type of teaching. Requests for mobile plexiglass screens can be specified when you book a room in TimeEdit or can be ordered through helpdesk.

Condensation from brass instruments is a risk factor. Dry up on paper or a cloth and take it with you as you leave the room.

When you have finished using your instrument, apply hand sanitizer to your hands as they may have been in contact with the condesation.

Work or study from home – Zoom support and more

The education that can continue to be conducted remotely will to a large extent continue as distance education. Some lessons may also take place in alternative rooms to make room for other classes which have to take place on campus.

To find out about your own classes, find your schedule in TimeEdit. If you have any questions, please contact your teacher or director of studies.

Work or study from home

KMH guidelines from 21 August

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) has during the Coronavirus pandemic introduced restrictions to prevent the spread of infection. KMH has a great belief and hope that everyone who can and intends to get a vaccine will receive it before the autumn term starts. Given this, the following decision has been made. All activities will be planned based on this decision, but it is important to point out that KMH will continuously follow current regulations and general guidelines given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and/or the Government. For that reason, this decision may need to be revised. The decision applies from 2021-08-21.


Introduction week (week 34)
The newly admitted students will be prioritized for on-site introductions on Monday (23/8) – Thursday (26/8). A special schedule will be made for introductions in small groups for everyone who begins their education in a programme at KMH.

During Friday (27/8), year 2 will be given the opportunity to come for social study activities.

Year 2-5 who need to practice during week 34 are to use Building 4 as far as possible.

Period 1 (week 35-39)
Year 1 and 2 (within all programmes) have on-site teaching on campus. Exceptions may apply for teachers and students in the risk group who have not been able to receive the vaccine.

Year 3-5 have all theoretical teaching, lectures and seminars online. Musical activities can be planned on campus if the quality of the activity requires it.

Intensive week 1 (week 40)
Is to be carried out in a similar way as in the spring of 2021. Scheduled entrances and exits, clear places for unpacking instruments, etc.

Period 2 and onwards (from week 41)
All teaching can take place on-site.

The Library

The library is open to the public, possibly with limited opening hours. Administration Teachers, Directors of Studies and researchers who have a workplace on campus must, in consultation with their closest manager, plan whether they should work from campus or from home.

All departments within the administration will work in a combination of on-site and remote work. Administration and the academia should have a common approach to avoid congestion on the premises.


Business travel can be carried out provided that current travel restrictions are followed. Exchange studies can take place if the receiving and sending universities have an agreement that entry and exit as well as studies will work.


Concerts may take place with a limited audience, if it’s in line with the current regulations and general guidelines given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and/or the Government.

External rentals

No general decision is made but determined from case to case depending on time and place. Each rental request is to be evaluated and decision must be made by the Managing Director in consultation with the Head of External Relations and the Head of Production.

Restaurant Oktav

Is open in line with the current regulations and general guidelines given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and/or the Government.

About the guidelines

These guidelines have been compiled by the corona group, currently meeting once a week. The group is formed by

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Managing Director
  • all Heads of Academies
  • Real-Estate Manager
  • Head of External Relations
  • Head of Student Affairs Office
  • Head of Service Office
  • Chairman of the Student Union
  • Co-ordinator for College Management.

Contact the group on e-mail: