Lending rules and loan periods

To borrow materials from the library, you must be a registered student or employee and have a KMH keycard. You can borrow sheet music, books, DVDs, CDs and old issues of journals for four weeks. For orchestra material, special rules apply.

Video: How to register as a KMH library user

Video: How to borrow books from the KMH library

Your keycard is valid as a library card. Lending can be done by an automat. Using a personal PIN code, you can see your loans, hold requests, and make renewals.

Loan period and suspension

The loan period is four weeks. You will receive three reminders after the loan term expires. If you do not return the material, you will then be suspended from further loans. The library does not charge overtime fees.

Replacement fees lost materials

You have to replace lost materials. Examples of replacement fees for non-returned material:

Type of material

Replacement cost

Study score

300-500 kr

Instrumental soli

200-300 kr

Piano score for opera

800 kr

Pop/song album

400 kr

Lieder collections

600 kr


600 kr

Monographies (böcker)

300-600 kr


250 kr

Lending rules for orchestral material

Orchestral material is lent exclusively for use by KMH ensembles and orchestras.

Orders must be made by the responsible teacher at least eight weeks before use. KMH has a certain stock of orchestral material, but we often need to lend or rent the material from external libraries or publishers.

You check out your orchestral parts by writing your name and phonenumber on the list on the shelf. Each musician is personally responsible for the material. Remember to note both instrument and number on orchestral material.

Reference material

Next to the library information desk there is a shelf containing reference material to all course literature. The reference material can only be read in the library and the quiet study room in the library.


In Mikromarc, our library database, you can make renewals of scores, books, CDs and films.

Mikromarc External link.