Broadcasting concerts and events live

When you would like KMH to broadcast a concert or event live, there are a couple of important things you need to manage and know.

Consent from all participants

You must ensure that all participants accept that the event will be broadcasted live. It is only when consent is obtained that the concert producer publishes information about the broadcast and begins the planning required.

How to obtain consent

All performing participants must consent in order to carry out a live broadcasted concert or event. The consent is voluntary, but is required for the concert to be broadcast on social media.

Consent live broadcast streaming

Compensation for creators

KMH has an agreement with STIM, which in turn has an agreement with Youtube. The authors receive remuneration from STIM.

Costs for sheet music

If you have bought notes, downloaded free music from the internet or if it is your own music that is to be performed, KMH can broadcast the concert live at no extra cost.

Rented sheet music can cost extra

If you rent sheet music from a publisher, the rental cost is calculated based on where, when and how the music is to be performed. If the concert is to be broadcast live, an extra rental cost will be added.

To broadcast live the financing of any additional rental cost must be cleared out.

Time on YouTube

The live broadcasts are available for 30 days on KMH YouTube channel External link.. Participants can receive a link to a downloadable version of the concert from the concert producer, see contact information below.