Consent live broadcast streaming

Here you register consent for live broadcast och a event via KMH social media accounts. All performing participants, must consent in order to carry out a live broadcasted concert or event.

Please note!

  1. You must register your consent no later than 7 days before the concert.
  2. The consent is personal and must be given by each individual participant on stage.
  3. We must ensure that the email address you provide below can be linked to you as a person. If you're a KMH-student or employee, use the address that belongs to your user account at KMH, which ends with or
  4. The consent applies to one concert.

The name of the concert
Date for the live event * (mandatory)
Date for the live event

If you're a KMH-student or employee, you must enter the address that belongs to your user account at KMH.

If you are participating in the concert and are not affiliated with KMH, enter your private e-mail address.
Consent * (mandatory)
To be able to broadcast the concert, we need to obtain consent from all participants on stage, and to save and process the related personal data. The consent is voluntary, and everyone has the right to decide whether they want to stream the concert or not.