IT support, Helpdesk

Do you have any questions about the IT environment or wish to report a problem, please log in to the Helpdesk portal. There you can find Q&A and report your computer problems.

What can I get support with?

In the Helpdesk portal you can make orders, report problems, book equipment, book instruments or get service regarding room bookings. Both IT and Internal Support services can be placed here. Also updates for the KMH course guides.

Why should I use Helpdesk?

By using the Helpdesk system, your question will get a ticket number in an errand system. No question is missed or forgotten. Via the errand system, you will get feedback and updates when your errand is handled or solved via e-mail from

How do I contact Helpdesk?

Contact helpdesk by e-mail

Log in to the helpdesk portal to report your errands yourself. Also access the Q&A.

Helpdesk External link.

Urgent matters or no access to a computer

In urgent matters phone 08-572 10 600. You can also book time for a visit.

Private equipment and software

Note, however, that IT support are unable to provide personal support in relation to private subscriptions and software used away from KMH.

Your private computer and phone, you are of course responsible for yourself.

Professional secrecy

The co-workers of the IT department, who have access to the KMH IT systems and data, have a professional secrecy, except towards law enforcement authorities.

To perform the daily activities, as well as control that rules are obided, the support staff of the IT department has the right to monitor the KMH system and control the content of data traffic. This can be done without prior warning.