Keycards and keys

Your keycard has a number of functions: ID card, key, loan card, copy card. Your keycard has a picture of you, names and more. The possibility of identification with keycards is important for safety and to minimize theft.

As a student your receive your keycard in connections with the first time you register on course, after you show ID and sign a contingent liability.

As employee you receive your keycard on your first day at work on KMH.

The keycard is your:

  • ID card within KMH and its premises
  • card for loans at Support Services
  • electronic key to KMH's premises
  • library card
  • payment means and identifier for printing, copying and scanning.

Usint the number on your keycard, you can obtain your schedule from TimeEdit. External link. The number on your card identifies your schedule. For security reasons, the student names are not shown on the schedules.

Please be observant and not let unauthorized persons through the doors when you enter and leave.

Wear the card visibly

When you are at KMH's premises, you are obliged to carry your keycard visibly. Use a card holder with red ribbon, available in Support Services.

The card is personal and may not be loaned.

Lost and found

Found cards are submitted to Support Services.

If you lose your card, make a notification to the Support Service immediately. To get the card replaced you will be charged a fee of 55 kr.

Keycard validity

Your keycard is active throughout your study period, as well as during summer break if you intend to continue the next semester. After graduating from a programme, the card is valid for one week after the last course is finished.

If you attend freestanding courses, your keycard is no longer valid the day after the course period is finished.

If you continue to Master after graduating from candidate, you will keep your keycard and authorization until the next Master semester even though the education might be at another college.

Employees should hand in their keycard when the employment terminates.

Other keys

To some parts of the premises you need other keys than the keycard. These are issued by Support Services.

If you loose a key, you will be charged 200 kr.

Contact Support Services
08-572 10 801
08-572 10 802