In the corridor between lamina A and C at the main floor are 'pigeonholes', mailboxes for internal messages and incoming mail. Mail arriving at the college should be registered, even when addressed to a particular person. Outbound mail is handled by Support Services.


All registered students studying 50 percent or more, and most employees have a personal pigeonholes, a box for private messages and incoming mail. Departments and units also have boxes.

The pigeonholes are located on the entrance level, level 2, in the corridor that runs between house A and C. The staff have their pigeonholes closest to internal service, students closest to Oktav. You reach the corridor via Support services or via Erling-Persson­atriet at Oktav.

Incoming and outgoing mail (staff)


All mail to KMH is considered to be an official letter and should therefore always pass through the registrars office. Then it is sent on to the staff concerned via the pigeonholes.

This means that even if a letter is addressed directly to you, it will be opened and, if it is an official letter, registered.

All invoices should be registered.

Outgoing mail 

Place your outgoing mail in the mailbox in the copying room on level 5, 1A530, or directly to Support Service.

When leaving mail to Support Service, you have to inform the staff about:

  • which department the mail is sent from
  • whether it should be by A or B mail.

Please keep in mind that a large envelope (C4) with one A4 paper weighs over 20 grams. Please choose C5 envelope instead and fold the paper.