Nine Muses Festival + Industry Intro Programs

Vinjettbild för Nine Muses Festival.

Are you a woman or non-binary student hoping to start your career within media and the creative arts? Are you particularly interested in the business of music and media and ready to advance your networking, or possibly even find someone to ask to mentor you?

Industry Intro Programs

You’re invited to apply for an Industry intro program: Music (Spotify), TV-production (Discovery), Dreamhack/esport (MTG) or Financial Communication (Kinnevik).

NOTE: last day to apply for the industry programs is January 19th

Follow the links to read more about the program you´re interested in:

Spotify MusicPDF

Discovery TV ProductionPDF

Kinnevik Financial CommunicationsPDF

MTG / DreamHack EsportPDF

Nine Muses Festival

As a student at KMH your also able to book free tickets to the Nine Muses Festival the 8th of march, read more and book you ticket at the Nine Muses Festival websiteexternal link.