New at KMH

This is a summary of the most important thing you need to know as a new student at KMH.

Your course registration

To be able to attend courses you must be registered as a student at KMH.

Please note that registration is mandatory, and will give you access to KMH facilities and resources, such as key card, network access and the library.

You register via Ladok, the administration system for higher education in Sweden.

Ladokexternal link

Introduction programme

Registration at the start of the autumn semester is followed by introduction activities during the last week of August.

All students and free movers are welcome!

The introduction programme consists of three joint days 27-29/8 for all students, with guided tours, information, workshops, etc., and then Thurs-Fri 30-31/8 with different activities depending on which of the three KMH academies you will belong to.

Schedule for the introduction programme 2018 (in Swedish)PDF

Consent to documentation and publication

We advice you to immediately sign and submit the form for consent to documentation and publication of educational activities.

Your signature is needed for KMH in order to be able to promote and disseminate knowledge both about you as a student and about KMH in general, through publication and distribution of images and sounds from concerts, projects or other activities.

The consent is not a restriction of your copyright concerning artistic material you produce as part of your studies.

Consent formPDF

Your access card

The card serves as your personal identification card and key to KMH's premises. It also gives you access to, among other things:

  • printers/copiers
  • repro/internal printing services
  • loan of equipment in the Service Centre
  • loan of material in the library

User account and IT services

Your personal user account includes:

  • your home directory on the file server
  • your email account as a student (

The user account also gives access to a number of IT services, including:

  • room reservations
  • KMH virtual rooms (Moodle)
  • KMH wireless networks
  • IT helpdesk
  • Eduroam: free wireless network within and in certain places outside KMH, eg other colleges, train stations and airports around the world
  • via the library, international media databases, publication of independent projects, etc. through DiVA, the Digital Academic Archive.

Email, intranet and other communication channels


As a student at KMH you are expected to keep yourself continuously informed via your account.

Email is at present the preferred official communication channel in KMH. Mailing lists to students and employees are regularly used to distribute important information regarding i.e. changes in opening hours, interruptions in IT services, major concert projects, key seminars, guest teacher visits etc.

Via your email account, you also receive important information specific to your department, your study programme or your subjects of study.

Besides via webmail, you can use your KMH-mail account in a regular e-mail client/program (as long as it is compatible with SSL) on your smartphone, your PC, tablet, etc. Then use the following information:

  • Account type: Exchange
  • Username: your full email address
  • Password: your password

The settings for servers for incoming and outgoing mail should filled in automatically when you have filled in this information.

The intranet Backstage and other channels

Our joint, open intranet, Backstage, is new. The information is continuously being processed and translated to English.

Depending on what courses you attend and what projects you are involved in, you will also be expected to access information via Moodle, specific groups in social media, and information distributed to your "pigeon hole" postbox.

KMH in social media

Hash tag for all social media channels: #kmhstockholm

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You can also join the KMH Facebook group at address

Please join the KMH Facebook groupexternal link with a wider scope for posts which also concerns related subjects of interest to students and staff at KMH.

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