Absence reporting, illness and insurance

You should always notify absences if you are unable to attend classes or other activities related to your education. "Studenthälsan" is a complement to other health care, where you are welcome with everything about health – study-related or not. As a student, you are covered by some insurance, but it needs to be supplemented.

Attendance, absence and reporting absence

The requirements for attendance varies depending on the course. This should be stated in the syllabus and announced at the beginning of each course.

Individual lessons

Report absence directly to your teacher or the course coordinator.

Ensemble or other group activity

If you are unable to take part in the work or performance with an ensemble, you have to find a stand-in, so that your absence will not affect the work of the ensemble. Also, be sure to consult with the teacher concerned.

Student health care, "Studenthälsan"

Studenthälsan is a part of the student service at KMH. At the Studenthälsan office, you can make appointments with a nurse or a psychologist.

studenthalsanistockholm.seexternal link

Via Universitetskyrkan, University Church, you come into contact with the student priests from several communities.

universitetskyrkanstockholm.seexternal link

Medical care in Sweden

It is very important that you check your medical insurance situation before leaving for Sweden.

Students from the Nordic countries, the EU/EES- countries and the province of Québec, Canada

Before leaving for Sweden, you should contact the health programme in your home country to request the necessary papers for travellers who will be abroad for longer periods.

If you are a member of the health programme in your home country, you will be covered by the Swedish national health programme, under the same conditions as Swedish citizens, but you must be able to present of the appropriate papers from your home country.

Students from all other countries

You must find out whether your public/private health insurance covers medical treatment in Sweden, and, if it does not, arrange suitable medical insurance in your own country, before your departure.

Normally, you will be required to pay for any medical treatment in Sweden yourself, before being reimbursed by your insurance company upon presentation of medical receipts.

Accident and other insurance

During your stay at our college, you are insured for any accidents occurring during “school time”, as well as on you way to or home from the college for lessons and practice.

However, you are not insured during your spare time. The college does not insure your personal belongings. If you would like such insurance, you must arrange that yourself.

Insured in your home country

If you are already insured at home, please check that your insurance policy is valid for an extended period of study in a foreign country. Consultation with your insurance agent is highly recommended if you plan to bring a music instrument, laptop, or any other valuable belongings.