Program Evaluation

Starting with the academic year 2022/2023, program follow-up is done every year for all programs at KMH. They give you as a student the opportunity to raise your experiences of and views on the program as a whole.

Why program evaluation?

Program follow-ups, just like course evaluations, give you as a student the opportunity to systematically reflect on and influence the education. The results of the program follow-ups provide the basis for the program manager and program council for ongoing development of the program. Together with course evaluations and evaluation of education programs conducted by the Education and Research Board, they form a central part of KMH's quality system.

What is the routine?

The program follow-up consists of two parts: an oral follow-up – program dialogue – and a digital survey. It takes place in January or February, depending on what suits the program. The program dialogue and the survey are intended to complement each other, and the dialogue provides the opportunity to raise other kinds of issues than in the survey and space for conversation. At the end of the program dialogue, students should be given the opportunity to answer the digital survey, which is then kept open for two weeks. The questionnaire contains university-wide questions that have been decided by the Education and Research Board, and there is also the possibility for the program to add its own questions.

Program Follow-up Report

The program manager must, together with the program advisory board, compile the students' points of view, teachers' reflections and any other data, both from the questionnaire and the oral follow-up, into a program follow-up report. In the report, any measures to develop the program must be specified. The measures must be fed back to the students and others concerned.

A template for a program follow-up report can be found in the survey tool KMH uses. The report is then published on KMH's website.

Pilot round spring semester 2022

In the spring semester 2022, the bachelor's program in folk music conducted a pilot round of the program follow-up. The pilot round has been evaluated and the Education and Research Board has subsequently decided on certain adjustments in the process and among the questions.