Your health

'Studenthälsan' helps students with all kinds of health issues. You are also welcome to contact the Student Affairs Office or the Student Union in matters that are important for your wellbeing.

Student health care 'Studenthälsan'

Studenthälsan is a part of the student service at KMH. At the Studenthälsan office, you can make appointments with a nurse or a psychologist. External link.

Medical care in Sweden

It is very important that you check your medical insurance situation before leaving for Sweden.

Students from the Nordic countries, the EU/EES- countries and the province of Québec, Canada

Before leaving for Sweden, you should contact the health programme in your home country to request the necessary papers for travellers who will be abroad for longer periods.

If you are a member of the health programme in your home country, you will be covered by the Swedish national health programme, under the same conditions as Swedish citizens, but you must be able to present of the appropriate papers from your home country.

Students from all other countries

You must find out whether your public/private health insurance covers medical treatment in Sweden, and, if it does not, arrange suitable medical insurance in your own country, before your departure.

Normally, you will be required to pay for any medical treatment in Sweden yourself, before being reimbursed by your insurance company upon presentation of medical receipts.

Bullying, harassment, offensive treatment

KMH does not under any circumstances accept bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination.

If you are harassed or subjected to offensive treatment

  • If you have any possibility in the specifik situation: speak up!
  • Tell someone you trust about what has happened.
  • Make notes about time, place, what was said, what happened and how you felt. These notes are valuable in case of an investigation.

Tell us and ask for help

Inform a KMH employee as soon as possible: teacher, director of studies or head of academy, or ask the Student Union, Studenthälsan (Student health care) or study counsellor.

The Student Union

Studenthälsan /Student health care

Head of Student Affairs Office, Thomas Berggren (see below)

Guide for actions against Offensive Treatment/bullying at KMH Pdf, 643.8 kB.