Afternoon T-bone

The second day of the festival opens majestic with fanfares from the school's trombone class.

There will be everything from Bruckner Etude to Moraeus, up to 25 meters of brass! You don’t want to miss this!

Eric Ewazen (1954-) Grand Canyon Octet:

I.Allegro Maestoso, II. Andante Appassionatio, III. Lento - Allegro Molto


Enrique Crespo (1941-) Bruckner Etude for low brass


Lars Kalin (1983-) Three Swedish Songs,

I. Koppången (comp. Per-Erik Moraeus), II. Visa i Midsommartid (Håkan Norlén), III. Gammal Fäbodpsalm (Oskar Lindberg)


Carl Appelgren – trombon
Vilhelm Weréen -– trombon
Elias Fridolfsson – trombon
Hannes Björkqvist – trombon
Elias Ukkonen Widding – trombon
Espen Hesthammer – trombon
Abraham Frato – trombone
Karoline Trondsen – trombone
Gabriel Persson Beck-Friis – trombon
Jonas Brodin – bastrombon
Ludvig Forslund – bastrombon

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