Bastien Pouillès, accordion & e.

The event has taken place

Bastien Pouillès: What makes me human? – Music for accordion and electronics. The concert is closed for audience but will be live streamed.

1. Andreas Nilsson (*1993) – “Bells”, for accordion and tape (2021, World Premiere)


2. Ann Cleare (*1983) – “I am not a clockmaker either”, for accordion and live electronics (2009)


3. Fiona Xue Ju (*1996) – “Dialogue: I, the wind, the dust, the immensity”, for cello, accordion and field recording of aeolian wind harp installation (2021, World Premiere)


4. Alvin Lucier (*1931) – Music for accordion with slow sweep pure wave oscillators (1993)


5. Carmen Kleykens Vidal (*1998) – “What makes me human?”, for accordion and tape (2021, World Premiere)


Accordion: Bastien Pouillès

Electronics adaptation, updating and triggering: Giovanni Onorato (2)

Cello: Carmen Kleykens Vidal (3)


Bastien Pouillès (*1994) is a french classical accordionist, currently studying in Master CoPeCo (Contemporary Performance & Composition). He is mainly playing contemporary music, especially with electronics and multimedia, and working with composers. This recital brings to light his collaboration with three composers and their view on the accordion: Andreas Nilsson, Fiona Xue Ju and Carmen Kleykens Vidal, whose pieces will be world premiered. Two other works of varying character, by Ann Cleare and Alvin Lucier, are added to the performance.

Special thanks to Andreas Nilsson, Fiona Xue Ju, Carmen Kleykens Vidal and Giovanni Onorato for their help, their trust and their friendship, and KMH, for giving me this opportunity.


Se livesändningen här eller på vår YouTube-kanal.