Clarinet and the Quartets

Welcome to the first concert of Classicalive! We will meet the Crown Jewel of Chamber music; the Quartet.

We get to know it in different constellations, the classical string quartet and the lesser known variant clarinet quartet. The music ranges from Haydn's string quartet to French music by Debussy in an arrangement for clarinet quartet. 


Alfred Uhl (1909-1992) Divertimento for Clarinet quartet

  • Allegro 2. Andante sostenuto, molto expressivo 3. Allegro con brio


Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Petite Suite L. 65, arr. Laurent Arandel

  • En bateau 2. Cortège 3. Menuet 4. Ballet


Guillame Connesson (1970) Prélude et Funk

  • Prélude 2. Funk

Michele Carrara – clarinet
Maria Rubio – clarinet
Clara Vilanova – clarinet
Martino Moruzzi – bass clarinet


Joseph Haydn(1732-1809) Stråkkvartett i d-moll Op.76 Nr.2 "Kvintkvartetten"

3.Menuetto : Allegro ma non troppo 

Christine Söderlund - Violin
Emma Dahl - Violin
Oskar Andersson - Viola
Johanna Arnberg - Cello


Franz Schubert: String Quartet no 15 in G major- Allegro molto moderato, Andante un poco moto

Mimmie Törngren – violin
Cornelia Vogel – violin
Ludvig Dahlström – viola
Samuel Lazar Eriksson – cello

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