Classicalive 2021

The 4th-7th of March 2021 it is time for the annual chamber music festival Classiscalive, live from Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH). This year the festival will be streamed live through digital platforms.

Classicalive Music Festival, a chamber music festival driven by students of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The programme is filled with both known and lesser known gems of the classical chamber music repertoire performed by tomorrow´s musicians. All of the concerts will be performed in  live streamed to your choice of screen.

Chamber music is the general term for smaller ensembles where every musician is in charge of an individual part - whereas in an orchestra, many parts are supposedly to be played by many at the same time.

Traditionally the chamber music was written to be performed, for example, in a living room, as a social activity for the society. It was not until late 19th century that this intimate form of music was performed on the big stages.

The Royal College of Music has an extensive chamber music education where every student of the Classical institute is involved in. The glass building is bursting with chamber music and once every year we get a chance to share it with you with this event.

The chamber music genre covers everything from Trombone Octet to String Quartet and you will have the chance to listen to all that during our four days long festival.

Welcome to ClassicAlive Digital Chamber Music Festival!




Programme Thursday 4 March

  • Clarinet and the Quartets

    - Livestreamed from Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Welcome to the first concert of Classicalive! We will meet the Crown J…

Programme Friday 5 March

  • Afternoon T-bone

    - Livestreamed from Kungasalen

    The second day of the festival opens majestic with fanfares from the s…

  • Trio Con Brio

    - Livestreamed from Nathan Milsteinsalen

    To play in a trio is very common throughout the history of music and i…

Programme Saturday 6 March

  • The Luck of Three

    - Livestreamed from Nathan Milsteinsalen

    In this concert our students will offer a really tasty event.

  • The Art of Quartet

    - Livestreamed from Kungasalen

    Two of the biggest composers ever will lead us through this marvelous …

  • Baroque around the Clock

    - Livestreamed from Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Welcome to this evening which is all about Baroque!

Programme Sunday 7 March

  • The Color of the Winds

    - Livestreamed from Kungasalen

    In this concert we will get to know the different timbre of the wind i…

  • Duo Grande Finale

    - Livestreamed from Nathan Milsteinsalen

    We will end Classicalive with the smallest setting of the chamber musi…