Gabriel Dahl, bass

The event has taken place

BROADCASTED! Graduation concert, bachelor jazz. The concert is only for invited guests, but will be broadcasted live.

During the past years at KMH, Gabriel has taken a deep dive into the worlds of both modern jazz fusion and japanese city pop. After four years he's inviting you to a farewell concert.

Joining Gabriel on stage is the band Chunky Thunder, consisting of some of Gabriels favorite musicians. In between the crazy solos and rock-solid grooves the music has taken a detour through Dragonball Z, Nintendo, Jaco Pastorius and movie credits anno 1995.

A warm welcome to you!

Linnea Jonsson – trumpet
Mikael Emilsson – saxophone
Agnes Darelid – trombone
Oscar Olsen – guitar
Ludwig Sievert – keyboards
Ima Baeza Bilgin – keyboards
Markus Isberg – drums
Gabriel Dahl – bass


See the live broadcast here or on our YouTube channel.

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