Kateryna Kravchenko Large Ens.

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Musical reproduction of Maria Prymachenko’s paintings.

In the village where she came from, she was called a weirdo. Almost all her life, she lived there, drawing pictures, and not even guessing that one day she would become a genius of naive art. Maria Prymachenko, a Ukrainian woman who made the whole world talk about herself. Specifically for the New Sound Made Festival, Kateryna Kravchenko creates music for her outstanding paintings, trying to recreate the images of fabulous animals through the sounds of a large ensemble


Kateryna Kravchenko - vocals, composition

Øyvind Solheim - trumpet, flugelhorn

Matti Klessascheck - alt sax, flute, clarinet

Melker Annas - trombone 

Patricia Traff - bass clarinet

Fritz Fembro - bassoon

Albin Ormegard - guitar

Rasmus Mannervik - piano

Johannes Bäckström - bass

Ture Lewin - drums 

Emilie Pfeil - violine 

Tamara Dakic - violine 

Ludvig Dahlström - viola

Linnea Hildén - cello, vocals 

Programme Thursday 4 May

Programme Friday 5 May

Programme Saturday 6 May