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EAM studenterna i komposition, första året på master.

AMINA HOCINE: Hello friends! My master studies mostly surrounds an organ I’ve built and during this concert I will premiere a piece for a smaller version of the organ. I will also play two fixed media pieces. The first one is made with samples made by an AI trained on my instrument (with help from Niklas Dahlqvist) and the second one steps out of organ-land and consists of recordings of gongs and tubular bells, processed in SuperCollider. I will play for around 25-30 minutes in total. Hope to see you theeeeeeeere ::^)

Amina Hocine Title: Memory foam Durata: 10’ Info: AI generated material trained on my organ with the help of Nikky D. Title: Sigourney Weaver Durata: 7’ Info: Gongs and tubular bells processed in SuperCollider Title: Four notes Durata: 10’ Info: Premiere piece for “The small” organ


NIKLAS DAHLQVIST - HELP! I HAVE BEEN GARGA SNIPED: somebody call 911! A crime has happened. A musical performance with: - 20 minutes of AImbient - 3 pieces - 2 channels (stereo) - 1 laptop - 0 garga snipes (garga snipe safe zone) 

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