Motuz Group

The event has taken place

 Motuz Group developed their own artistic language to enhance the equality and immersive experience throughout the performance, audiences will appreciate a new way of perceiving a dance show or music concert and experience an empathetic conversation in motion.

Originally formed from a larger collective of Musicians and Dancers in London. The concept and ethos of Motuz Group has been carried overseas and arrived in an all new line-up consisting of artists from five different nations. Innovation is one of the many visions of 'Motuz Group' so each performance is totally unique with often very minimal composition and choreography allowing the energy in the room to take its natural course with each piece.

“I have been to so many Contemporary Dance performances but I have never seen the music and dance so closely related like that. It was just beautiful… I cried almost the whole way through ” 

Programme Thursday 5 May

Programme Friday 6 May

Programme Saturday 7 May