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This concert is part of the MUSAiC Festival 2022

MUSAiC Festival 2022 ( External link.), which explores impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on music, and beyond. How can one judge applications of AI to music and art? How do creative AI systems affect the use and worth of music and art? What creative possibilities are facilitated or hindered by AI and its statistical underpinnings? Where are music and art headed?

This concert showcases three pieces applying AI to music. The first piece, “Crackle” (2022) for tape is by UK-based composer Alan Chamberlain. The second piece, “in the style of music”, is by KMH students Niklas Dahlquist and Kajsa Blom. The final performance is “Nahualtia Tlatzotzonalli” by hexorcismos – an autodidact sound artist, creative technologist and electronic musician from Tijuana, México, working in the fields of computer music, Artificial Intelligence and the history and politics of emerging digital technologies.

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