Octavian Leyva Dragomir, piano

The event has taken place

Examenskonsert, kandidat klassisk musik. Konserten är inte öppen för publik men kommer att livesändas.

This concert is a chance for me to indulge in the composers I hold dear to my heart. I am joyous to share with you the music that is a part of my life. My musical interest started early on with the vocal music by Claude Debussy. Therefore I am presenting his Cinq Poèmes de Charles Baudelaire. The last song of the cycle is my absolute favorite song!

The composers of the Second Vienna School have shaped me as a musician. Therefore I will play music by Alban Berg and Arnold Schönberg. Pierrot Lunaire is a piece that ignited my love for atonal and complex music. I am also featuring Stockhausen's Klavierstück IX to further accentuate my affection for these composers. 

Then of course I will play some easier-on-the-ear piano music for the family to enjoy!

Octavian Leyva Dragomir  piano
Eleonora Poignant – sopran
Astrid Banck Linderoth – sopran
Mathilda Sidén Silfver – mezzosopran
Clara Vilanova – clarinet
Lourdina Hanna Baboun – violin


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