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Modern music composed for a middle sized jazz band.


With inspiration from various genres of music and stories told to him about the old days, norwegian trumpet player and composer Øyvind Solheim creates original and personal music. This international band of fantastic musicians was put together for the occasion and consists of people he met through his years at Fridhems folkhögskola and Erasmus exchange at KMH. Together they aim to convey the intention and stories of the music through playful interplay.

Øyvind Solheim – Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Composition | Kateryna Kravchenko – Vocals | Matti Klessascheck – Alto Saxophone/Reeds | Marius Zeeberg – Tenor/Soprano Saxophone | Melker Annas – Trombone | Rasmus Mannervik – Piano | Anton Berndts – Double bass | Richard Andersson Rasheed – Drums

Programme Thursday 4 May

Programme Friday 5 May

Programme Saturday 6 May