Spontaneous Sound Collective

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Spontaneous Sound Collective is a group led by Helsinki-based singer Iina Johanson.

The core of the band is a traditional jazz trio, but Johanson?s boundless improvising and the intriguing individual voices of the co-musicians provide an original and free take on vocal jazz tradition.

The collective performs compositions by Iina Johanson. All pieces are newly written and they draw inspiration from the surrounding nature: the renewal in spring, old trees, violets and magpies. These compositions showcase collective improvisation, the ability to create something interesting and exciting together in the moment.


                                            Iina Johanson, vocals & compositions

                                                        Anton Brodin, guitar

                                                     Jakob Ulmestrand, bass

                                                         Felix Kling, drums

Programme Thursday 5 May

Programme Friday 6 May

Programme Saturday 7 May