The Color of the Winds

In this concert we will get to know the different timbre of the wind instrument.

The Brass will present some fine music from Austria and the woodwinds will deliver french. A colorful concert, welcome!

Werner Pirchner (1940-2001) Born For Horn PWV 36

1.Kammerjäger 2 Ypsilon for horn.3. ivastehnit...ivasteh 4. Einhorns lu(i)stige reise 5. Hörnchen klein...ging allein 6. In die weite welt hinein

Alma Heinemann – horn
Blanca Eliasson – horn
Mikael Larsson – horn
Eelis Malmivirta – horn


Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) Trois pièces brèves 

1. Allegro 2. Andante 3.Assez Lent

Kajsa Nilsson – flöjt
My Svenman – oboe
Maria Victoria Fernández Caballero –klarinett
Ciarán Hayes – fagott
Mikael Larsson – horn


Werner Pirchner (1940-2001) "Do you know Emperor Joe?"

Love Nordkvist – trumpet
Kristian Nilsson – trumpet
Alma Heinemann – horn
Carl Appelgren – trombon
Manel Arocas Roca – tuba

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