Tumi (+20) plays Gil & Miles

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Tumi Torfason – solo trumpet & flugelhorn

Icelandic trumpeter and composer Tumi Torfason pays tribute to one of his favorite collaborations in jazz history: the incredible records jazz icon Miles Davis recorded together with the great orchestrator Gil Evans around the midpoint of the twentieth century. He has manned an orchestra in the original third-stream instrumentation with twenty Stockholm based musicians to play Gil Evans’ masterfully written arrangements and will put himself on the spot as both conductor and soloist to lead the orchestra, improvise and reinterpret the melodies Gil wrote for Miles.

Tumi Torfason – solo trumpet & flugelhorn

Felicia Roos – alto sax & clarinet
Erik Hasselfeldt – clarinet & flute
Per 'Texas' Johansson – flute, alto flute & oboe
Björgvin Ragnar Hjálmarsson – baritone sax & bass clarinet
Ciarán Hayes – bassoon

Hilda Melin – 1st french horn
Olof Rolandsson – 2nd french horn

Toste Solum – 1st trumpet
Erik Tengholm – 2nd trumpet & piano
Ingibjörg Ragnheiður Linnet – 3rd trumpet
Hannes Arason – 4th trumpet
Ólafur Ingi Finsen – 5th trumpet & 3rd french horn

Hannes Falk Junestav – 1st trombone
Tilde Schweitzer – 2nd trombone & castanets
Ville Weréen – 3rd trombone & maracas
Elias Fridolfsson – bass trombone

Simon Skogh – tuba

Hana Batt – harp

August Eriksson – upright bass
Filip Öhman – drums

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