Weird forests, unfamiliar sounds

The event has taken place

The sound of the band is modern jazz with touch of free improvisation and mystery.

It is a path through a forest, dense and full of colors. In this concert Linnea´s Quintet is accompanied by wind instruments and vocalists, which creates a special sound for this group that is filled with expression, large contrasts and mystery. The music lingers on the modern jazz area with hints of R&B, free improvisation and folk music. 


Linnea Hildén - Vocals, compositions

Rasmus Mannervik  - Piano

Albin Ormegard - Guitar

Oliver Wetter Burman - Bass

Filip Öhman - Drums


Øyvind Solheim - Trumpet

Matti Klessascheck - Alto sax

Marius Zeeberg - Tenor sax

Melker Annas - Trombone


Ellen Mansten Bruchfeld - Voc

Maja Grademark - Voc

Marie Stæhr Von Undall - Voc

Märta Dahlström - Voc

Programme Thursday 4 May

Programme Friday 5 May

Programme Saturday 6 May