Entrance examinations and work samples

The entrance examinations tests special eligibility. They form the basis for the selection for admission to the various educations. Everyone who applies for the musician educations and pays registration fees or is exempt from fees, is called to the entrance examination. For some programmes, we also request work samples, repertoire list and a resumé.

Digital entrance examinations 2022

For admission to the academic year 2022/2023, some exams will be conducted digitally. See the test description for your programme / course what applies.

The joint music theory tests, so called MT-tests, will be conducted at campus.

Orchestral excerpts Classical Music

For the performance programmes in Classical Music there are compulsory pieces and orchestral excerpts to download.

Entrance examinations

Local examinations

The local examinations are auditions and some music theory tests. They are carried out and assessed at the music college you are applying to. In order to be accepted for education here, the local examinations must be conducted here, at KMH in Stockholm.

A few weeks after you have registered, you will receive a letter with an invitation to the entrance exams. You will then also receive links for uploading work samples and / or films for video audition. Deadline for uploading videos is either 25th of January or 25th of February, depending on which programme you are applying for. Please see more information about the specifics in the test description for your programme of interest.

Local KMH examinations take place in week 11. They usually start on Sunday in week 10, and then last for 7-8 days. However, you do not take tests every day.

Joint music theory test, MT-test

The MT-test are joint for all music colleges in Sweden. The are performed only at the college of your highest priority when registering. Approved results on MT-test can in some cases be credited to other music colleges in Sweden.

MT-test are performed for the following bachelor programmes at KMH:

  • Performance, Classical Music (KMH-40000)
  • Performance, Classical Music Edsberg (KMH-50000)
  • Performance, Classical Music Early Music (KMH-60000)

Work samples, presentation / resumé and repertoire

For programmes in conducting, composition and music and media production, we request that you send in a work sample, presentation / resumé and repertoire list when you apply. A description of what the work test should include can be found on the programme page.

Conducting and Composition

You will receive a link for uploading by e-mail shortly after 17 January.

If you want to use the same work sample for applying to several programmes, you must submit one copy per programme applied for.

Music and media production

For the bachelor programme Performance Music and Media Production and the Masters programme Performance Music Production you admit the work samples digitally no later than 25 January at latest 11:59 p.m. Upload via our service for entrance examinations and sample tests External link. (Swedish).

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