National admissions round

The national admissions round in spring applies for the teacher education, the pedagogical training programmes, the music therapy programmes and some independent courses. The admissions round coincides with the most colleges and universities in Sweden. The dates stated are approximate.

The admissions round takes place from early March until mid July. It includes admissions to

  • teacher education
  • pedagogical training programmes
  • some independent courses.

For some freestanding courses, other admissions rounds apply.

Freestanding courses

Admissions round step by step

The dates vary from year to year, and those listed below are approximate.

15 March – 19 April

Registration is open

The first step when you have chosen education is the application. You submit the application as a whole on External link., where you create a personal account.

The registration of applications will open from mid-March and closes in mid-April.

3 May

Fees foreign applicants

Some foreign students are required to pay application and study fees. The last payment date usually is 3 May.

About application and study fees.

19 April – 10 July

Eligibility check, entrance examinations

This is a longest part of the process, and it consists of several parts.

Teacher education and Music Therapy programmes:

  • KMH verifies general eligibility and certain special eligibility, such as previous exams.
  • KMH sends calls for entrance examinations to applicants, at least 3 weeks before the test takes place. The notice describes which tests you should do. The tests usually takes place late May.
  • Entrance examinations for the special eligibility takes place. Includes joint tests, so called G-tests, as well as local tests, L-tests. In addition, control of other specific requirements, if any.
  • KMH evaluates the applicant's entrance examinations, grades and other qualifications. 

Freestanding courses and pedagogical training

  • KMH verifies general eligibility and fieldeligibility.
  • KMH verifies prior degree for some courses.
  • KMH verifies for other specific requirements, if any.
  • KMH evaluates the applicant's grades and other merits.

21 June

Supporting documents

You need documentation to demonstrate your eligibility for the courses and programmes you have applied for. The documentation may also show that you are entitled to exemptions from the eligibility requirements.

Please read the step-by-step instructions on, for how to document your eligibility, with information on what you need to submit, and how your documents must be submitted.

Documenting for bachelor's External link.

Documenting for master's External link.

11 July


The selection process is, to a certain extent, intersected with the eligibility check, mainly the meritation.

The selection of which applicants that will be accepted is completed on 11July.

12 July

Notification of admission

Notifications to all applicants are sent out appr. 12 July. The notifications are distributed and managed by