Advanced Studies in Interpretation 2

This course aims at giving you on very high level the opportunity to refine your technical skills and develop your artistic creativity as equal to the course Advanced Studies in Interpretation 1.

The course gives you access to excellent instructors in Classical Music at Edsbergs Castle and at Campus Valhallavägen.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for second cycle studies.

Specific entry requirements: Degree of Bachelor in Music as well as passed course “Advanced Studies in Interpretation 1” (CA1601) at KMH.

Course Content

The course is available for full-time study.

The following content is included in the course:

  • studies on very high technical level on your instrument,
  • repertoire studies, which can be characterized by music history, or focused on a particular stylistic selection,
  • internal and public concert performances as soloist, orchestra musician and ensemble musician,
  • seminars on national musical life as far as cultural policy authorities, orchestral institutions and organizers in general are concerned.