Music Management from an International Perspective A

Take the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the music industry's artistic, financial and organizational conditions and to apply these based on your musical background.

  • Teaching form:

    Freestanding course, undergraduate level

  • Department:

    Music and media production

  • Pace of study:

    Part time

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The course aim is for you to develop basic knowledge of both the Swedish and the international music industry with focus on activities in Sweden. Furthermore, you develop basic knowledge of the music industry’s artistic, financial and organizational conditions, as well as knowledge regarding similarities and differences between professional music activities in Sweden and internationally.

The course aim is also for you to develop basic knowledge regarding what opportunities there are to run a company in the music industry, as well as knowledge regarding laws and agreements with importance to the music industry. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop genre-specific music industry knowledge of choice.


General entry requirements for higher education.

Exception for the requirement regarding Swedish B/Swedish 3 is allowed for applicants to the course.


If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available on the course, a selection of applicants will be made, based on two thirds from upper-secondary grades, and one third from Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (SweSAT).

Course Content

The course includes lectures and seminars on music management based on current research, accepted working methods as well as interpretation of musical ideas and artistic expression when working with music management projects with an artistic focus. In addition, work with exercises and own productions.