Teacher education

Teacher students playing together in a pop band. Photo: Mira Åkerman

Photo: Mira Åkerman

Royal College of Music (KMH) educates music teachers who see, listen and show interest in their pupils, and arouse curiosity for music in primary school, upper secondary school and cultural school.

At KMH will you meet a wide mix of music styles and personalities that will help you develop as a musician and teacher. You will find many of the country's most prominent music teaches here and we will help you to develop your talent and let creativity flow. As a student will you get a lot of inspiration and also learn how to inspire others to use music.

KMH:s Teacher programme gives you the best of both worlds, the scientific music pedagogy and in-depth knowledge of the artistic subject of music.

You who choose to become a teacher can look forward to a labour market with high job security. There is a great need for legitimate teachers who can work in several subjects in both primary school, upper secondary school and cultural school.


All Teacher Education Programmes at KMH are offered in Swedish. To be eligible to apply for teacher education programmes and to get a teaching certificate in Sweden, you will need a documented proficiency in Swedish.

Watch the movie Music Teacher

KMH:s students in music and media production were commissioned to put the spotlight on the music teacher profession, a profession that rarely stands in the limelight but is equally important for creating a vibrant and diverse music life and creative population. This movie is a part of the result.