Rytmiklektion på Kungl. Musikhögskolan i april 2022.

Incca Rasmusson

Incca Rasmusson explores Eurhythmics as a method for teaching music in higher music education focusing on the perspective of embodiment.

Project title: Swedish Eurhythmics 1906-1978 – emancipating embodied knowledge
Third-cycle subject area: Music pedagogy
Principal supervisor: Prof. Erkki Huovinen, KMH
Assistant supervisor: Peter K. Andersson, Örebro University
Admitted to:
Lund University
Project period: 2019-2025

Purpose of the dissertation work

Eurhythmics is an experience-based method of teaching music through movement, and movement through music. The purpose of this dissertation is to, in perspective of the view of the body and corporal learning, position Swedish Eurhythmics teacher education and Eurhythmics teaching in higher music education, in a historical, national and international context.

Intended outcome

Verbalizing Eurhythmics in perspective of embodiment, will hopefully benefit the profession, and a scientific dissertation in the field can give Eurhythmics teaching a scientific basis in Sweden.

About the PhD student

Incca Rasmusson is a PhD student in music education with focus on Eurhythmics. She is a lecturer at KMH, and teaches Eurhythmics (metrics and solfège), choir methodology and choir conducting, as well as being a supervisor for student theses. She is a conductor and artistic leader of the chamber choir Rasmussons Vokalensemble.