Mattias Sköld

The objective of Mattias Sköld’s research is to explore ways in which a new interactive notation system can describe pitch, noise and space in a clear and comprehensible way, with sufficient detail to make it useful in both composition and performance practice, providing graphical overviews and computer simulations music.

Project title: Interactive Notation of Music as Sound
Third-cycle subject area: Media and communication technology
Principal supervisor: Prof. Roberto Bresin, KTH
Assistant supervisor: Kjetil Falkenberg och André Holzapfel at KTH, Prof. Henrik Frisk, KMH
Admitted to:
Project period: 2017-2023

Composition for various sound sources

The results of his dissertation work will be used for the composition of music for various sound sources, such as voices, acoustic instruments, synthetic and concrete electronic sounds, aiming to bridge the gap between the vastly different theoretical frameworks of pitched and sound-based music.

About the PhD student

Mattias is himself educated at KMH, where he now works as a Lecturer in composition.

As a composer, he writes everything from orchestral music to solo pieces. He is equally comfortable with electronic and acoustic music, and has written extensively for choir. As a teacher of composition, he is particularly interested in how music theory can be developed to face today's increasingly diversified art music.