Music and entrepreneurship

Professor Ola Karlsson spelar cello. 

Research in the entrepreneurship of the professional music life highlights the basic conditions for musicians to create their own labour market as well as the possibilities for spreading music as well as music related services and products.

This includes how structural and institutional conditions, and especially changes in them, affect what is possible. It also includes insights on people's ways of thinking and behaving, individually and in groups, as well as the art of acquiring, coordinating and using resources.

In order to achieve a favourable development of both music life and the music industry, it is important for KMH and Sweden, with one of the world's strongest music industries, to research what types of resources are used in Sweden and how they are used.

Artistic practice as a method

In order to build research on the entrepreneurship of musicians and music life, to strengthen the research reliance of KMH's various entrepreneurship courses and to clearly link KMH's innovation system to university research and education, KMH has initiated institutional collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics. The recruitment of a professor of music and entrepreneurship as well as a PhD student has begun.