Research in Music Therapy

In the area of music and health, the subject of music therapy is included. Music therapy as a knowledge and research area is undergoing change, in the same way as the area of music and health. It involves the transformations that occur when the objective and subjective knowledge of the area meet related to the use of music therapy in varying contexts.

Music therapy as a research area

Music and Health / Music Therapy as a research area takes its starting point in music experience, musical creation and musical interaction in order to explore communicative, emotional, social and cognitive development. Music therapeutic research is based on evidence-based interdisciplinary methodology, whose results are sought and used in health promotion and treatment interventions in health care, rehabilitation, social work, habilitation and special education.

Music therapy can, among other things:

  • reduce psycho-drug use
  • relieve a pain condition when nothing else helps / hard-to-treat pain
  • be used for rehabilitation in acquired brain injuries.

Basic and applied research

The research basis of KMH's education in music therapy is strong and gives depth to the next generation of music therapists.

The research is therefore concerned with both basic as well as applied research anchored in music therapy as discipline and profession.

Established knowledge area

Music therapy is today an internationally established academic area of ​​knowledge with study programmes and postgraduate programs at music colleges and universities.

Education in music therapy has been offered at KMH since the early 1980s and has since been developed and expanded continuously. Since 2004, KMH has offered a music therapy profile in music education at the postgraduate level.

The health issue is one of society's major challenges. Here, KMH wants to contribute to society in a significant way, through music-related research, both independently, in collaboration with universities conducting medical research, and together with other social actors such as, for example, public and private healthcare providers.

KMH cooperates since long with the Sophiahemmet University in music and health (music therapy). In addition, discussions with Karolinska institutet are underway for deepening cooperation. During the fall of 2018, work will continue to strengthen this research area since a professorship in music and health has been established.

Research in music and health at KMH is based on interdisciplinary approaches that include music as art, humanities and social and natural sciences.
Ann-Sofie Paulander, Senior Lecturer in Music Therapy