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Music and Technology

Music and technology is an area that, in its broadest interpretation, can accommodate virtually any musical activity. At KMH, focus is on seeing both technology and technology development as a natural part of an artistic practice in music.

Music through technology or technology through music?

Music is often mediated through technology and through the strategic area Music and Technology at KMH is the opportunity to explore what this mediation does with the music and with the experience of the music. One starting point is that technological development through artistic creation provides results that can complement more scientifically oriented research in music and technology.

The area uses scientific and artistic methods. And it covers everything from sound and space research, interactivity in music, virtuality, music in computer games to technology and performativity.

KMH's cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is important in this area to ensure broad competence. KTH provides opportunities for increased knowledge among KTH students and researchers about artistic research, methods and values. KMH also offers the top musicians and the most modern music venues in Europe.

KMH has the opportunity to drive a nationally significant development work through cooperation with the KTH / CSC school - while at the same time KTH has an opening to the artistic methods that can be useful in the design of new technical solutions, especially in this context, those that contain sounds and / or music, in interactions between people and machines. The kind of creativity that characterizes artistic processes has great potential in many other areas of knowledge.

Current research projects at KMH

Research in technology utilization and technological development in artistic creation contributes to important knowledge for the formation of a sustainable digital society. KMH is currently conducting research in the field within sound and space in collaboration with the industry, moving images as musical expression, interactive notation systems, and the development of software for music production to interactive media.

Among the projects KMH conducts in music and technology is the externally supported multidisciplinary project MITIS, Musical IT in School, where the needs of music learning meet new AI-based music interpretation technologies, in developing new digital teaching materials for the transmission of musical literacy in schools.

KMH expects that further efforts on the interface between music and technology will strengthen Sweden's competitiveness, among other things. within the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) areas, but will also have bearing on the cultural sector and the experience industry as a whole.

In 2017, a close collaboration was established with KTH and in addition, cooperation is ongoing with e.g. the gaming industry. In the field of research, one professor and five industry doctoral students work at KMH. The latter are admitted to a postgraduate education at KTH but also act as teachers at KMH.