KMH and Aloha by Elk

KMH takes part of a Vinnova-funded project to develop groundbreaking technology that enable low-latency and high-quality networked music performances. Thanks to this innovative solution, musicians will be able to connect their instruments or microphones and play together remotely. The results may revolutionize remote teaching.

KMH needed to quickly adapt to remote teaching due to the Corona pandemic, and identified that digital tools for online education didn't meet the requirements for music lessons, rehearsals and performances when teachers and musicians need to play together synchronously.

The Swedish Innovation Agency, Vinnova, early on announced funding for Innovations in the traces of the pandemic. Elk Audio develops a solution that enables low-latency and high-quality networked music performances. They applied for funding but needed a partner with an expressed need for the technology – and found KMH.

Timeline for the project

Phase 1

Testing in the project group: Folk Song Lab, and two teachers of which one is in a risk-group and one is working remotely.

Phase 2

End of October 2020, Elk Audio presented new hardware for the group to test. The beta version has an updated interface with video chat function.

Towards the end of 2020, a broader testing will take place. More teachers and students will be invited to try the technology and give feedback to the developers.

Phase 3, end Q2 2021

The project is finalised with a report, research findings are presented and the product is launched commercially, provided everything works out according to plan.