Jacob Mühlrad hosts "Summer in P1" in Swedish Radio

Portrait photo of Jacob Mühlrad. Photo: Mattias Ahlm, Sveriges Radio.
Photo: Mattias Ahlm, Sveriges Radio.

The composer and master student in composition Jacob Mühlrad will host "Summer in P1", the Swedish Radio's nowadays legendary summer program, on Friday 4 August.

Here's how Jacob describes the content of his program:

– Going from being defined through one's failures to be uplifted for your successes; about music as religiousity and how it allows me to be extremist. But this is also a story about the difficulty of learning music as a dyslexic, being a young composer of art music ... and my desperate attempts to deal with panic stage fright.

Sveriges Radio P1 (in Swedish)

Jacob Mühlrad also has several first performances during 2017, including the work Kaddish, which he composed thanks to a grant from Michael Bindefeld's foundation to the memory of the Holocaust. It will be performed in October by the Swedish Radio choir and singer Eva Dahlgren under the direction of Peter Dijkstra.

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