John Nalan soloist at "Young Artists' Concert" in Norway

Portrait photo of John Nalan.

John Nalan, classical pianist and KMH student at the bachelor program at Edsberg Manor, was selected among many applicants and the only pianist as soloist at "De Unges Konsert" (Young Artists' Concert) with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra (BFO) on 15 March.

After auditions in Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen and Stockholm with 88 instrumentalists and singers John ended up in the top and was selected along with four other artists to be soloists at the concert in the Grieg Hall in Bergen, Norway.

Conductor of the concert, where John Nalan played Franz Liszt's Totentanz, was Peter Szilvay. The concert was streamed live on More info about the concert here.

The selected soloists received 75 000 NOK each. John Nalan also received the audience award of 25 000 NOK.

John Nalan spelar under De unges konsert i Bergen

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