Abigail Toll - Matrices of vision

Evenemanget har ägt rum

Matrices of Vision takes its starting point from two datasets that have been extracted from a report published by the Swedish Independent Governing body UKÄ, which, among other things, surveys the student demographic trends of Sweden’s higher education system over the time period 1956–2019 using binary categories.

Matrices of Vision is a sonic deconstruction of a higher education dataset compiled by the highly influential Swedish higher education authority Universitetskanslersämbetet (UKÄ).

The title Matrices of Vision and project theme is inspired by indigenous cyberfeminist, scholar and artist Tiara Roxanne’s work into data colonialism.

The method explores how practical applications of sound and theory can be used to meditate on political struggles and envision emancipatory modes of creation to reclaim agency through creative sonic spaces.

The artistic approach uses just intonation as a system, or grid of fixed points, which it disrupts. The pitch strategy diverges from this approach by way of its political and ethical motivations: it disobeys just intonation’s rigid structure through practice and breaks with its order as a way to explore its experiential qualities.

Such transformations provide a sonic breach of these systems and become an allegory for the refusal to comply with colonial ideas of law and order imposed by neoliberal and right-wing governments. It signals the non-violent break identified in Roxanne’s writing, and in the bias that is often authored and (re)produced in state datasets.

Participating musicians:

c-flute/electronics: Abigail Toll

bass flute: Rebecca Lane

cello: Lucy Railton

vocals: Evelyn Saylor

Program lördag 10 april

Program måndag 12 april

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