Evenemanget har ägt rum

amorphous · dark · soft · Viscous · matter

Acropora (2021) - Sofie Meyer

Acropora (a coral species) are sensitive to light and it is believed that they use colour to shield themselves from sun rays. In this piece Sofie Meyer wanted to work with colour as a means of protection - a fragile protection.


De som lämnat (The ones who’s left) (2021) - Theodor Kentros

I have, at the time of writing this text, finished about one seventh of the piece you’re about to listen to. This means that I’m not entirely sure that I can provide any useful information about for example the length of the piece, or tell you anything important that you need to know before listening. 
On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure that program notes telling the listener how to approach and/or enjoy a piece are necessarily a good thing. Program music sort of died with the romantic era of classical music and that leaves the listener to define what is going on for themselves. I can however tell you this much: 

1.  The piece is called De som lämnat

2.  It’s a piece written for bass clarinet and loudspeakers. 

3.  The loudspeakers will play pre-recorded material from the bass clarinet. 

4.  The first performance of this piece is the third of May 2021. 

I can also tell you a couple of ideas I had for the piece that won’t be in the final version, due to a lack of time, bad scheduling on my part or just because the ideas were bad from the start.
These are: 
1.  The loudspeakers were to play randomized sections of the pre-recorded material. 
2.  A sensor was supposed to be attached to the instrument, and the shifting and tilting of the instrument would result in the live material being processed in different ways. 
3.  The piece was supposed to be finished in early April 2021. 

I can at the same time give you a couple of guesses about the finished piece you’re about to listen to: 
1.  The loudspeakers will hopefully also be playing a processed version of what the bass clarinet is playing live. 
2.  The piece was supposed to be around ten minutes, so I’m guessing you’re about to listen to a seven minute piece. I’d like to think that this means you won’t fall asleep and at the same time you won’t feel like you’re left without an adequate amount of music based on whatever you paid for the ticket. 
3.  The piece is all about the slight differences in pitch and timbre. 


Synergy (2021) - Hannah Wirnsperger 

noun, plural syn·er·gies
The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.
- an audiovisual piece aiming to explore the creative potential of collaboration, improvisation and the here and now.


Me llaman loca por detrás (2021) - Carmen Kleykens Vidal

MLLPD is based on the duality between material/immaterialcommunication and how the patriarchal system is attached in both.
Exploring the sound that goes from the different womxn’s bodies and narrating how our voice(s) are functioning in society and in our close social relationships, is the main resource for this piece. 
How could a material/immaterial violence be exerted against womxn? How do we react to that? Where is the respect for our voice, our presence and our life?


inmersión inesperada (2021)- elena perales Andreu

adecuada exacerbación 


lo poco que queda


lo mucho que había…


elena perales andreu in collaboration with Sofie Meyer, Theodor Kentros, Carmen Kleykens Vidal, Hannah Wirnsperger and Bastien Pouillès. 

elena perales andreu – clarinet and bass clarinet
Carmen Kleykens Vidal – cello
Bastien Pouillès – accordion