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For the third concert of their residency this semester at the KMH, the ten students in the CoPeCo programme for Contemporary Performance and Composition present contemporary chamber music and original works for solo, duo and/or electronics.

This concert features CoPeCo students in smaller, more intimate settings, as they explore new ways of playing with fragments of electronic and acoustic sound.

CoPeCo is a two-year joint master’s programme co-hosted by the KMH and music colleges in Tallinn, Lyon, and Hamburg, with a focus on experimental performance, composition, improvisation, and collaborative creation.

The CoPeCo class is:
Kelsey Cotton
Sander Saarmets
Ryszard Alzin
Tamara Laverman
Giorgos Stavridis
Sandra Kuntu Blankson
Mélanie Vibrac
Jana De Troyer
Robert Menczel
Sara Constant.

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