Dedication to a City

Evenemanget har ägt rum

A farewell from Matti to Stockholm, each piece of music a dear and personal dedication to his home for the past year.

With my stay in Sweden coming to an end, I want to say thank you for a year filled with music, growth, friendship, and love, for which I am so very grateful.My experiences in Stockholm have led me to write the music for this concert, each piece a dedication to a different side of the city. I am very happy to summarize my year here with some of my closest companions by my side.

Matti Klessascheck - sax
Fredrik Ljungkvist - cl
Øyvind Solheim - trp, fgh
Dante Fritzell - fl, afl
Fritz Fembro - bn
Markus Cederholm - bcl

Kateryna Kravchenko - voc
Linnea Hildén - voc

Erik Cappelin - drums
Rasmus Mannervik - pno
Jonathan Jessen - bass

Program torsdag 4 maj

Program fredag 5 maj

Program lördag 6 maj