Examenskonsert EAM

Evenemanget har ägt rum

Exam concert with master's students Luka Aron and Muiredach O'Riain.

The Well Trained Algorithm

by Muiredach O'Riain is a project that challenges prevailing
conceptions of the use of AI tools in artistic fields. It achieves this through a process of ‘instrumentisation’
whereby an artificially intelligent system is reconceptualised as a musical instrument in its own right.


by Luka Aron is a work in 5 parts* in which a selected acoustic
instrumentation, consisting of bass clarinet, contrabass, euphonium, foghorn organ, harpsichord,
serpent, shō, and trumpet coalesces with analog as well as digital synthesis, into one unified mass of

Läs mer i programmet nedan.

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