I´m nobody melting in the clouds

Evenemanget har ägt rum

Porträtt av tre musiker och kompositionsstudenter

”The Clouds” is written as part of my work with associative synesthesia. The score is graphic but also includes notation and instructions. I have used fragments from the works of Virginia Woolf to construct lyrics. Premiere of the string quartet inspired by Synestesi, and the performance of graphic notation for improvisational trio, both composed by Lina Nyberg.

"I'm Nobody" - Text av Emily Dickinson. Tre tromboner och röst. En framtida standard eller en omöjlig kombination? Vi får väl se. 

Maimu Jõgeda is an Estonian accordionist lighting up the world with her unique and reflective style of playing and composing. With roots from southern part of Estonia, she has always been interested in traditional music. One day these traditional music influences sparked her own tradition and she started to write her own music. In the summer of 2017 she released her debut album Pühendus (‘Dedication’) with twelve compositions written and performed by herself. Now she has been working on her second album and will present some of her newest works to you! Maimu describes her music as meditative, letting the listener travel through the fantasy worlds that the music creates.

Kompositörer: Lina Nyberg, William Sundman Sääf, Maimu Jõgeda

Medverkande musiker:

Lina Nyberg, voice
Fredrik Ljungkvist, saxophone
Lisa Ullén, piano

Trombon - Ville Wereen, Hjalmar Lundberg, Jonas Brodin och sångare

Kommande evenemang och konserter

  • Sofia Lärkfors, sång

    - Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat jazz

  • Maskin

    - Lilla Salen

    Ny musik i Klangkupolen, spatialiserad genom salens ljudsystem i 29.4.…

  • Livgardets dragonmusikkår

    - Kungasalen

    Prelude, fugue and riffs.

  • Agnes Darelid, trombon

    - Lilla Salen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat jazz

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