I Ching

Alexandru Munteanu, slagverk. Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

“I Ching” is a concert that weaves the ancient wisdom of the I Ching with the modern expression of percussion. As a master’s candidate in classical percussion, I invite you to a performance where solo pieces and ensemble collaborations tell a story of musical evolution. From the structured beauty of Bach to the innovative spirit of Per Nørgård, the program is a testament to the timeless dialogue between rhythm and melody. Alongside my talented colleagues, we’ll explore the depth of percussion, creating an atmosphere that’s both magical and transformative. Join us for an evening where each note is a step through time, and every rhythm is a whisper from the past, guiding us into the future of sound.

- Johannes Carlsson
- Even Hembre
- Gustav Andersson
- Eskil Hamrin
- Tiago Rocha

Photo: Elias Söderström Aupeix/KMA

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    - Kungasalen

    Johannes Carlsson, slagverk - Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik

  • Lullabies for an Ocean

    - Kungasalen

    När vi drömmer målar hjärnan med färger som vi aldrig sett och skapar …

  • Catrin Borggrim, violin

    - Nathan Milsteinsalen

    Examenskonsert, kandidat, klassisk musik.

  • Miranda Nordqvist, viola

    - Kungasalen

    Examenskonsert, master klassisk musik.

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