INSTÄLLT! Camila Nebbia & Carmen Kleykens

Evenemanget har ägt rum

Camila Nebbia & Carmen Kleykens solo sets. Concert is closed for audience but will be live streamed.

Part 1: Camila Nebbia solo set

"Lo que sostiene al cuerpo"

(What holds the body)

Electroacoustic & visual performance of Camila Nebbia

Tenor sax - visuals - electronics


Part 2: Carmen Kleykens solo set 

"How loneliness sound? Nemesis · Trapisonda · Amanyagar"

I’ve always been very amused by the story about the tree falling in the middle of the woods and nobody listens to it.
His intimacy, tenderness, modesty . Her independence, her environment, her circumstances . 

Our imagination, our falls, our distance
I’ve always wondered...
How many trees will have fallen down to explain the need to find landmarks so we don’t feel


In this performance I don’t want references,
I want to be your fallen tree, your calm sea, your bad day, your beloved person, your memory that has been lost

And at the same time, being without you.


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